.Net Developers

The Story Behind .Net

.Net was developed during the late 1990s to power a variety of Microsoft-exclusive products. Although the ambitious idea proved to be unsuccessful commercially, Microsoft saw its potential as a framework and released it as a standalone product in 2002, while its source code was eventually made available to the public during 2007. Ever since then, Microsoft continually updates the framework by releasing the latest versions of the .Net core. Today, the open-source, cross-platform supports multiple programming languages and is suitable for developing various applications for mobile, web, gaming, desktop, and IoT.

Why Use The .Net Development Approach?

.Net technology helps improve the overall system performance while ensuring the project can adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the business in the long run. Applications developed using .Net are secured from the end-user perspective as various continuously updated security features rolled out by Microsoft, such as form and Windows authentication, ensure top-notch security. Microsoft also constantly updated .Net to meet the latest technological advancements, so you need not worry about the code requirements. Satya Infotech is dedicated to providing UK-based businesses with an extra layer of value-added services through a proficient team of offshore .Net developers with a sound background and skillsets needed to transform projects.

Benefits of .Net

  • Versatility– It is powerful enough to build applications for the desktop, web, cloud, mobile, and IoT environments.
  • Reusable Code– Businesses can release their products on multiple platforms without needing to rewrite individual codes for each version of specific applications, leading to your products reaching a wider audience.
  • Scalability– You can easily downscale or upscale the application over time as per the evolving business needs. Our tech experts can modify the code to adapt to the changing needs of your business in no time.
  • Easy Maintenance– When you use a single programming language to power all the applications, it’s easier to update or maintain each version of your product without needing to spend a fortune.
  • Advanced Security– It’s relatively easier to implement security on various websites and applications through the use of role-based security or cryptography models.

Satya Infotech’s .Net Competence

It’s our top-most priority to deliver best-in-class .Net development solutions. Our developers follow strict guidelines when it comes to professionalism and work ethics. They’re skilled in various technologies, frameworks, databases, and languages to achieve the desired outcomes. We keep the latest market trends in mind when developing custom .Net applications using our heavy-packed technology stack. UK-based companies of all sizes and business sectors, such as retail, logistics, social media, e-commerce, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, real estate, customer engagement, automotive, Medtech, and so on, can enjoy various benefits offered by offshore .Net development. These include streamlined transition tasks, a diverse talent pool, cost-effectiveness, timesaving, access to experienced tech profiles with custom skill sets, boosting productivity and efficiency of core business operations, among many others.

Best .Net Developers For A Reason

No matter what kind of team you need for your .Net development project – dedicated or an extension to your in-house team, Satya Infotech will provide you with only the best solutions to suit your requirements in the most cost-effective way. Offshoring IT services will help you skip the recruitment and training phase while connecting you with skilled expertise, fit for large-scale expansions, startup growths, and more. From designing completely new applications to implementing custom features for improving the core tech solutions of your services, Azure development and migration solutions to update or the data model without scraping or recreating the database, and developing an e-commerce platform to support your international expansion and providing ongoing maintenance and support services, we offer it all.

When you hire .Net developers, you get appealing design patterns with a user-friendly app with an intuitive interface. Our .Net developers can help you stay ahead of the competition by including cybersecurity, cloud computing, Blockchain, augmented reality, and other revolutionary concepts to your development plan.

If you’re looking to get fruitful cooperation from a dedicated IT offshoring company, consider hiring .Net developers from Satya Infotech. As a reputable software development company, we only work with highly skilled experts with a proven track record of offering an extensive range of IT offshoring services that surpass the client’s requirements.

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