IT Outsourcing Services in Manchester

The rapid pace of technology has led the software development industry to experience massive changes that businesses sometimes find it challenging to keep up with. From new methodologies to cutting-edge changes in programming languages and features offered by various platforms make previous industry-standard practices obsolete. Businesses across the UK, especially SMEs and enterprises in Manchester, can onboard cutting-edge approaches by outsourcing IT offshoring services to Satya Infotech, an experienced offshore IT outsourcing services provider that has helped many businesses in the UK achieve seamless digital transformations with secure and robust software solutions.

We offer a variety of solutions for businesses in Manchester looking to cut costs and get ahead of the competition. You can now hire specialists at cost-effective rates to compensate for the lack of internal expertise and limited resources. Working with Satya Infotech can help you access top experts ready to streamline your software projects with quality and enthusiasm to fill any skill gaps in your team, setting your business for long-term digital acceleration. Moreover, our services are free of delays, transparency lapses, and mishandling of client data.

Staff Augmentation

The staff augmentation outsourcing model helps fill up the skill gap or expertise lacking by the in-house team. It enhances the overall outcome by helping deliver the software within the fixed time frame. The model works best when a business has a nearly complete full-time team but needs temporary experts to fulfil particular software development tasks but the real responsibilities and steps the business undertakes to succeed.  

Dedicated Team

This involves hiring an offshore software development team and handing over the end-to-end responsibility to them, starting from the planning to the final execution of the project. A project manager from Satya Infotech will maintain open communication with the business, informing them about each milestone in detail to ensure timely feedback is incorporated into the project.


This model refers to projects where the client knows the project specifications and requirements in great detail but chooses a tech partner to deliver the project on time. This outsourcing model works best for businesses in Manchester that need to handle an overwhelming amount of core business activities, or the team is swamped with other projects, and they need to keep their in-house team engaged and productive while the project development is non-core but urgent.

Why Choose Satya Infotech’s IT Offshoring Services?

No Hassles of Hiring Developers 

If the software development project doesn’t fall under the business’s core expertise, hiring developers who have the knowledge and skills needed for successful project completion is a must. Hiring in-house, full-time employees is a time-consuming and tedious process that requires additional infrastructure, utility, benefits, and other expenses to be incurred. Leave the development to us, and see how it boosts your business’s bottom line!

Cost-Effective Solutions

Outsourcing offshore software development to an IT outsourcing company helps reduce costs significantly. Besides not having to pay fixed employee onboarding and salary costs and incentives, your business will also save hefty amounts from not having to schedule recurrent training sessions to make sure the developer stays up-to-date with the ever-evolving industry standards.

Access To Wider Talent Pool

Satya Infotech can help you hire developers with skills that might not be available to your business in Manchester at such reasonable costs. It’s impossible for your in-house IT team to have people who possess’ expertise on every technology stack. Hiring offshore developers can help you access a huge pool of skilled professionals that know how to give your business in Manchester a competitive advantage in the form of less Time-to-Market and enhanced efficiency.  


When you partner with an offshore IT outsourcing services provider like Satya Infotech, you’ll benefit from flexibility in IT outsourcing services that can be scaled up or down according to your requirements. The difference in time zones will also help your business gain a competitive edge as your business will have round-the-clock access to some of the best developers across the globe. Rest assured, as a reputable software development company, we only work with highly skilled experts with a proven track record of offering an extensive range of IT offshoring services that surpass the client’s requirements.

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