Outsourcing Java Developers

Java – The Third Most Popular Language in The World

Developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, Java quickly garnered attention for being a revolutionary object-oriented cross-platform that provides robust security features and convenience of use for novice and advanced developers alike – especially for those looking to switch from one programming language to another. Currently, Java is known for powering a wide variety of applications on mobile, web, desktop, cloud, and streaming environments across a wide range of industries. From entertainment to health, automotive and gaming, financial and banking, to the industrial sector, to name a few.

What Makes Java Stand Out From The Rest?


Java is deemed one of the most useful languages for cross-platform apps by developers worldwide. It offers high portability and cross-functionality because the software written in one platform can run across various embedded systems, including desktop and mobile.


This feature enables the creation of software with numerous functional modules and reusable codes. Java provides seamless network and multimedia support. It’s simple, free, and supports multi-threading.

Faster Development

Java comes with rapid development, which means the development team spends less time debugging, coding, deploying, and compiling. It allows developers to view the data they’re working with as objects, enabling them to enjoy the freedom of choosing objects they want to include. They can modify them as they see fit and then determine how they’ll behave within the application’s context. This greatly expedites the development process because developers can reuse portions of the existing code to finish the project on time. It also leads to a shorter go-to-market time than usual.

High Scalability

Apps made with Java are highly scalable. They run seamlessly, even when other solutions are unable to continue working. It’s also relatively easier to add new functions to make the final product more convenient and engaging for end-users.


With a few exceptions, Java developers typically need to write only one piece of code to build a cross-platform application. The in-build compiler in Java automatically translates the native build code into a language called bytecode, which runs the application through the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The JVM can then be executed on virtually any operating system like Unix, Mac OS, Windows, etc. As a result, it reduces development costs significantly.

Robust Security

Java comes with numerous security features like garbage collection systems, bug detection, and code management. These are designed to help reduce accidental code errors and data loss and protect users from potential cyber security attacks.

Powerful Applications

Java comprises every feature needed to build powerful applications from scratch. It offers a robust class of assets and libraries, a virtual machine, a compiler, and a bytecode verifier to automatically detect any illegal codes, and much more.

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Satya Infotech’s Java Development Scope

When you hire Java developers from Satya Infotech, you get a team equipped with the skills needed to tackle any project. We’re well known for offering a wide range of IT offshoring services to cover the entire software development scope. We offer:

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  • Highly interactive and engaging mobile applications for Android, even those with a big data focus.
  • A wide variety of web-based applications or components, from data analytics to media servers.
  • Complete legacy system upgrades and java migration through architecture development and integration of new features.
  • Comprehensive company-wide applications and systems, such as BPMs and BRMs, with real-time distributed processing systems.
  • Expert advice on Java solutions, conceptualization, architectures, maintenance, and implementations.

Java developers at Satya Infotech are intimately familiar with the framework and right technology needed to make your dream project come to life. We deliver scalable, secure, functional, and high-quality applications that meet your unique business requirements and guarantee that your experience of working with us will be cost-effective, seamless, and prompt. You’ll benefit from a smooth development journey that results in delivering a product designed to solve even the most complex challenges. Give us a call or email us to request a quote.