Android Development Services

Over 86% of smartphones worldwide have android installed as an operating system. This means businesses looking to reach a wider audience need to tap Android smartphone users. In 2008, the very first commercial handset that ran on android was released. Today, this Linux-based platform dominated the cell phone market while serving as a powerful platform for smartwatches, tablets, car navigation systems, smart TV, and more. Satya Infotech takes pride in offering robust Hybrid and native android mobile application development services to UK-based businesses, regardless of their type, size, or industry. Our dedicated team can deliver customised solutions for android app development to suit the vision and requirements of your business.

You can hire android developers with extensive experience and knowledge about the programming industry to streamline versatile solutions for your project. The numerous customisation options provided by android help developers create visually appealing and highly functional apps with a quick turnaround time. By partnering with us, you can make sure your app stands out from the crowd of similar-looking apps found extensively at the Google Play Store. We can infuse the android platform’s unique DNA within your application to ensure it works seamlessly across all tablet and mobile devices and different android versions while maintaining power, performance, and UX. We’ve worked on educational apps, web apps, shopping and e-commerce apps, barcode scanning apps, music apps, multimedia apps, and utility apps. Our team also has extensive experience working on banking apps, android libraries building, fashion, and retail apps, gaming apps, and more.

The Peculiarities of Outsourcing Android Development To A Reliable Software Development Company

Adhering To Google Play Rules With Natively Written Apps

Building an android app requires extensive knowledge of native elements. Google has rolled out a material design, visual language, and design principles for all android apps. The specialist you hire must take all these principles into account when creating a convenient and clear interface.

Application Interface

We make UX/UI by keeping in mind the distinct screen sizes of devices, along with their pixel density and multi-window operational capabilities. Our team understands that using thin fonts on poor-quality displays can make it appear distorted and even unintelligible in some cases.

Vast Variety of Devices

There is a multitude of devices that run on android. It’s important to ensure that the application is supported by most of these devices, if not all. It’s equally important to test your application on a large number of smart devices.

Satya Infotech’s Expertise in Android Application Development

You can virtually hire android developers who are highly qualified and have vast experience dealing with clients in the relevant industry. Our team at Satya Infotech provides unparalleled support during the application development cycle. Whether this will be your first-time experience with us or you’re looking to hire the best developers to supplement your small team, you can count on our IT outsourcing company. From research and planning to conceptualisation, technical feasibility assessment, app design and development, app testing, launching, maintenance, and support, our team handles it all. Leverage our android app development team’s extensive experience today to get robust, user-friendly applications that’ll help you connect with the target audience just the way you want. As a reputable IT offshoring company, we only work with highly skilled experts with a proven track record of offering an extensive range of software development and IT offshoring services that surpass clients’ expectations.

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