Graduate Trainee Program

Giving Youngsters a Head Start in the Competitive Software Development Industry
Everyone has their own way of giving back to the community. For us, it means helping students and fresh graduates enter the workforce as trained professionals.

Kick start your career in software development

Our Graduate Trainee Program is designed to help GCSE and A-Level graduates gain the background experience one needs to start a career in the software development industry. We work with a reputable training company to train and mentor UK’s next-generation software developers and also help them enter the workforce as Junior PHP or Python Developers.

Once the participants successfully complete their training program, we set up interviews with prospective employers in the UK to help them find suitable jobs and kick start their professional careers.

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A structured training program designed in accordance with the demands of modern-day corporate world

We want our participants to be valuable additions in the workforce. We take every measure to ensure they’re able to meet the demands of modern-day corporate world from the get-go. We do not just teach the core knowledge and skills one needs to become a good developer, we also train participants in several other associated skills, such as computer languages and tips and tricks for excelling in interviews. Comprised of both theoretical teaching and practical assignments and projects, our highly structured training program prepares fresh graduates for the challenging and demanding corporate environment in just four months.

One-On-One Mentoring to Maximize Training Effectiveness

At Satya Infotech, we understand that everyone learns at their own pace. We provide one-on-one mentoring to all our trainees to make this learning journey easier for them. Every participant is assigned a mentor, who is a senior and experienced developer, at the very beginning of the program. The mentor’s job is to help trainees get the most out of the program. Your mentor can help you develop a better understanding of the concepts that you may find difficult, provide technical support, help in completion of projects, give professional guidance, and offer motivational support.

Professional Training at No Cost

In today’s world where businesses are actively looking for opportunities to monetize things and generate more revenue, Satya Infotech is providing professional software development training for free. That’s because we strongly believe in giving back to the community.

We pay the training company from our own pocket.

Support Beyond the Agreement

While our training program is completed in four months, our support (both technical and motivational) extends way beyond it. Our training professionals and mentors continue to support and guide the trainees for six months after the program to help them get a good career start and establish themselves as valuable employees for their respective companies.

The Option for Additional Training

Knowing that the key to professional growth and development lies in continued learning, we also offer additional training programs to help young developers make real progress in their career. All the additional training programs are available at discounted prices for the participants of our Graduate Training Program.

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Benefits of our graduate trainee program

Our Graduate Trainee Program is not beneficial for young graduates and aspiring software developers, it also offers great benefits to the employers. It eliminates the need for employers to provide on-the-job training to new hires. Our trainees are ready to take on the responsibilities of Junior Developers from the day one.

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Applying for junior developer trainee program

Join our Graduate Trainee Program and establish yourself as a valuable employee from the very beginning of your professional career.

Who can apply?

GCSE and A-Level graduates with a passion for software development. Applicants should have at least 7 GCSE’s, with a minimum of 4 in Mathematics and English, each.

Interpersonal skills required

In addition to meeting the formal qualification criteria, applicants should also be self-motivated, critical thinkers, and a team player with great communication skills. They should be eager to learn and capable of readily adapting themselves to today’s ever-changing work demands and environment.

Selection preference

Recent graduates and young people looking for a job to support themselves and/or their families will be given preference.

Selection process

We have designed a comprehensive selection process for our training program because we only want the most deserving candidates to be a part of it. Here’s how what our selection process involves:

What does the training
process include?

Our highly-structured training program can be broadly categorized into the following stages:

Is software development a good career?

It’s common for students and fresh graduates to be confused about what career they should choose. They often worry if there is scope of building a successful career in their chosen field and if it pays enough to support a decent lifestyle. All these are genuine concerns.

If you have been wondering the same about software development, rest assured that there is plenty of room for growth and development in this field. A developer also earns well in the UK. Here’s how much developers earn, on average, in the UK:

RoleExperienceAnnual Salary
Junior Developer0 – 2 Years£15,000 to £20,000
Developer2- 3 Years£20,000 to £35,000
Senior Developer3+ years£35,000 to £45,000
Architect5+ Years£40,000 to £60,000

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How to Apply?

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